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Mohammed, his fellow conquerers & sex with captives
« on: December 01, 2009, 09:41:12 AM »
This thread is locked to avoid duplicate posting. An identical thread is located in the Muhammad section at this link.

This is the account (Bukhari, Tabari, Ishaq) of just one attack of Mohammed and his followers on a peaceful, hardworking, Jewish farming community for the purpose of stealing their property and enslaving their women and children. In the process the 600-800 men and boys were brought before Mohammed at his request, and beheaded, while their wives and children looked on as their husbands, fathers, and sons were beheaded. They were then taken as slaves, along with the rest of the property of the Jews that Mohammed stole as "booty", with Mohammed receiving 1/5 of the spoils for himself as he detailed for himself in his recitations.
Sura 8:41 And know that out of all the booty that ye may acquire (in war), a fifth share is assigned to Allah,- and to the Messenger...

Please read the chapter from the beginning at the link below. Following are excerpts.

Aisha, the prophet's child wife, put down her dolls long enough to give us this report: Tabari VIII:29 "Muhammad pitched a round tent over Sa'd [the wounded anti-Semite] in the mosque. He laid down his sword, having just returned from the Trench. Then Gabriel came to him and said: 'Have you abandoned the fight? By Allah, the angels have not yet put down their weapons! Go out and fight the Jews.' So he called for his breastplate and put it back on. Then he went out and the Muslims followed him."

War was more important than prayer to Islam's dark spirit: Tabari VIII:29 "The Holy Prophet (peace be unto him) said, 'No one should pray the afternoon prayer until they are in the territory of the Qurayza because warfare against the Jews is incumbent upon Muslims.'" Ishaq:461 "The Muslims had been totally occupied with warlike preparations. They refused to pray until they had come upon the Jews in accordance with Muhammad's order. Allah did not find fault with them in His Book, nor did the Messenger reprimand them for it." Postponing a prayer so that they could besiege innocent families was so religious of them. They were setting a fine example for terrorists everywhere. And it's pretty hard to misinterpret this prophetic decree: "Warfare against the Jews is incumbent upon Muslims."

Demonstrating his deep-seated racial hatred, Muhammad unleashed what we would call hate speech: Tabari VIII:28 "When the Messenger approached the Jews, he said, 'You brothers of apes! Allah shamed you and cursed you.'" Muhammad's mouth was as foul as his manners. Bukhari:V5B59N449 "On the day of the Qurayza siege, Allah's Apostle said to Hassan, 'Abuse them with your poems, for Gabriel is with you.'" When it came to racial hatred, Islam's prophet was a full-service provider.

"The Holy Prophet said, 'Submit to his judgment.' So they submitted. The Messenger of Allah sent a donkey with a saddle padded with palm fiber, and he was mounted on it."

That's obviously not how it happened, so let's check the Sira: Ishaq:461 "After the siege exhausted and terrorized them, the Jews felt certain that the Apostle would not leave them until he had exterminated them. So they decided to talk to Ka'b Asad. He said, 'People of the Jews, you see what has befallen you. I shall propose three alternatives. Take whichever one you please.' He said, 'Swear allegiance to this man and accept him; for, by Allah, it has become clear to you that he is a prophet sent from Allah. It is he that you used to find mentioned in your scripture book. Then you will be secure in your lives, your property, your children, and your wives.'" Getting one out of three right wasn't bad for a Muslim: Muhammad was Allah's prophet.

However, there is no mention of an Arab prophet in the Hebrew Scriptures, much less of a coming terrorist thug. But consider the gall it took to suggest this delusional alternative to the besieged Jews - especially after what they had endured at the hands of the wannabe "messiah." And even the Qur'an admits that the Jews had repeatedly rejected Muhammad's assertions as being preposterous. They had disclaimed his bastardization of their Torah, and they had been repulsed by his warmongering nature and grotesque immorality. Just imagine swearing an oath to a "religious prophet" so that he would not kill you, steal your property, enslave your children, and rape your women. Sure, a Muslim would do it; they're trained to lie, but not a Jew.

Ishaq:462/Tabari VIII:30 "The Jews said, 'We will never abandon the Torah or exchange it for the Qur'an.' Asad said, 'Since you reject this proposal of mine, then kill your children and your wives and go out to Muhammad and his Companions as men who brandish swords, leaving behind no impediments to worry you. If you die, you shall have left nothing behind; if you win you shall find other women and children.' The Jews replied, 'Why would we kill these poor ones? What would be the good of living after them?'" While I don't believe a word of this, , if it were true, it provides a window into the depraved character of the first Muslims as well as to the godly nature of these Jews.

Ishaq:463/Tabari VIII:34 "When Sa'd reached the Messenger of Allah and the Muslims, the Prophet said, 'Arise and go to your master and help him dismount.' Then Muhammad said, 'Pass judgment on them.' Sa'd replied, 'I pass judgment that their men shall be killed, their women and children made captives, and their property divided.' Allah's Apostle proclaimed, 'You have passed judgment on the Jews with the judgment of Allah and the judgment of His Messenger.'" The Unholy Trinity was pleased.

It's important for you to know that I have reported every Hadith collected by Tabari, Ishaq, and Bukhari regarding the assault on the Jews. There wasn't a single word written about Jewish combatants. Three settlements, three sieges, and yet the Jews never struck a blow - not one. There was no excuse. There was no claim of self defense. This was a grotesque act of racially inspired genocide. And the motivation was greed. The Jews embodied everything the Muslims had failed to achieve. They were productive, prosperous, moral, literate, peaceful, honest, discerning, and religious.

Bukhari collected a series of Hadith on this diabolical verdict: Bukhari:V5B58N148-B59N447 "Sa'd came riding a donkey, and when he approached the mosque, the Prophet said, 'Get up for the best amongst you.' Then the Apostle said, 'O Sa'd! These people have agreed to accept your verdict.' Sa'd said, 'I judge that their men should be killed and their offspring and women should be taken as captives.' The Prophet said, 'You have given a judgment similar to Allah the King's Judgment.'" A second reveals: Bukhari:V5B59N448 "They then surrendered to the Prophet's judgment but he directed them to Sa'd to give the verdict. Sad said, 'I give my judgment that their men should be killed, their women and children should be taken as captives, and their properties distributed.'" A third proclaims: Bukhari:V5B59N362 "The Nadir and Qurayza violated their peace treaty, so the Prophet exiled the Nadir and then he killed the Qurayza men. He distributed their women, children and property among the Muslims." And what do you suppose the Muslim militants did to their women? The Qur'an says that they forced them into prostitution. The Hadith says that they raped them. Bukhari:V5B59N459 "I entered the Mosque, saw Abu, sat beside him and asked about sex. Abu Said said, 'We went out with Allah's Apostle and we received female slaves from among the captives. We desired women and we loved to do coitus interruptus.'" (Yes, that's what it says.)

Another Bukhari Hadith goes on to report that Muhammad never grew weary of tormenting Jews: "He exiled all the Jews from Medina. They were the Jews of the Qaynuqa and the Jews of the Haritha and all the other Jews from their homes."

With something this morally crippled, it's important to know that there are many confirmations - each destroying the myth Muhammad was a prophet. His Islam was a terrorist manifesto. It was conceived for rape and plunder. And on this day it was doing what it did best. Tabari VIII:34 "Sa'd turned away from the Messenger out of respect. He said, 'I pass judgment that the men shall be killed, the property divided, and the children and women made slaves.' Muhammad replied, 'You have passed judgment on them with the judgment of Allah from above seven heavens.'"

The chorus continues with this refrain: Tabari VIII:39 "After the affair of the Qurayza ended, the wound of Sa'd broke open. Aisha reports: He passed judgment on the Jews and prayed saying, 'O Allah, You know that there are no men whom I would rather fight and strive to kill than men who called Your Messenger a liar.'"

Before we review what happened next, I want to share the verses I omitted earlier from the 33rd surah: the model for the Holocaust: Qur'an 33:26 "Allah took down the People of the Scripture Book. He cast terror into their hearts. Some you slew, and some you made prisoners. And He made you heirs of their lands, their houses, and their goods, giving you a land which you had not traversed before. And Allah has power over all things." Version two: "And He drove the People of the Scripture down from their homes and cast panic into their hearts. Some you killed, and you made some captive. And He caused you to inherit their farms, houses, wealth, and land you have not trodden. Allah is ever Able to do all things." This Qur'anic verse is among Islam's most stinging indictments. It confirms its most barbaric act.

But it's worse than it appears on the surface. Since it was Muhammad who actually perpetrated these crimes, it confirms that Muhammad was Allah. Allah was never anything more than a rock idol, the Black Stone stuck in the wall of the Ka'aba. Muhammad created his persona and his revelations. And that is why Muhammad's personality, character, behavior, and words are identical to Allah's. But Muhammad had help. Lucifer, just as Paul had warned, transformed himself into an angel of light. Pretending to be Gabriel, he struck a bargain with the insecure and covetous Arab. In the exchange, Muhammad was possessed by Lucifer's most able demon. Working together, the Unholy Trinity established the religion of deceit, death, and damnation.

Muhammad's behavior was covetous, ruthless, and murderous to be sure. Yet attributing this debauchery to deity was his most vile act. Men have plundered before. Men have robbed before. Men have murdered before. But no god has ever said: "'God' drove the unbelievers back in fury, and they gained no advantage. Allah was sufficient to help the believers in battle. He made the People of the Book descend from their homes, and He terrorized them, so that you killed some and made many captive. And He made you inherit their property, homes, wealth, and a country you had not trodden under foot before."

In the first chapter, I included a speech from the Islamic world's leading imam. Al-Buraik, the Saudi ruling family's favorite sheik, spoke at a telethon the Fahd family dictators hosted to enrich the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. This esteemed Islamic cleric said, "O, Muslims, don't take Jews and Christians as allies. Muslim brothers in Palestine do not have any mercy or compassion on the Jews, their blood, their money, or their flesh. Their women are yours to take, legitimately. Allah made them yours. Why don't you enslave their women? Why don't you wage jihad? Why don't you pillage them?" Now you know where he got his material.

And this was the result: Tabari VIII:35/Ishaq:464 "The Jews were made to come down, and Allah's Messenger imprisoned them. Then the Prophet went out into the marketplace of Medina (it is still its marketplace today), and he had trenches dug in it. He sent for the Jewish men and had them beheaded in those trenches. They were brought out to him in batches. They numbered 800 to 900 boys and men." The lone prophet of the Islamic religion had the imprisoned Jews brought to him so that he might enjoy the ghoulish spectacle. Even Hitler was too ashamed to visit Auschwitz.

Then in words hauntingly similar to what Jews must have asked as Nazi trains hauled their families off to concentration camps: "As they were being taken in small groups to the Prophet, they said to one another, 'What do you think will be done to us.' Someone said, 'Do you not understand. On each occasion do you not see that the summoner never stops? He does not discharge anyone. And that those who are taken away do not come back. By God, it is death!' The affair continued until the Messenger of Allah had finished with them all." If 900 men and boys were dragged out of their imprisonment in "batches" and led into the central market square of Medina to be beheaded in front of Muhammad, the "affair" would have lasted eight to ten hours. Imagine a "prophet" perverted enough to watch until he had "finished with them all." It's enough to make you vomit.

Surely, he could not have been this twisted. Tabari VIII:40 "The Messenger of God commanded that furrows should be dug in the ground for the Qurayza. Then he sat down. Ali and Zubayr began cutting off their heads in his presence." Muhammad was a prophet of a different color.

Tabari VIII:35/Ishaq:464 "Huyayy, the enemy of Allah, was brought out. He was wearing a rose-colored suit of clothes that he had torn all over with fingertip-sized holes so that it would not be taken as booty. His hands were bound to his neck with a rope. When he looked at Muhammad he said, 'I do not regret opposing you. Whoever forsakes God will be damned.' He sat down and was beheaded." The rabbi synthesized the Bible into a single sentence, "Whoever forsakes (separates) himself from Yahweh will be damned (separated) from him." In the Scriptures, forsaken, damned, and separated are synonymous. This fine man chose not to separate himself from Yahweh and worship his adversary Satan, so he lost his life but saved his soul. Huyayy is now living eternally with his Creator. Muhammad, the recipient of this message forsook Yahweh and damned himself - choosing instead to form an alliance with Lucifer. Today, Muhammad's soul is eternally damned in the place of separation, called hell - Satan's paradise.

Ishaq:464/Tabari VIII:36 "According to Aisha, one Jewish woman was killed. By Allah, she was by my side, talking with me and laughing while Allah's Messenger was killing her men in the marketplace."

Psychologists call this a "gallows laugh." It's a common manifestation of extreme stress. So while the reaction of the Jewish woman was excused, the behavior of the Muslim men is not. They were forcing Qurayza women to watch as they severed the heads of their fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons. The level of human depravity depicted here wouldn't replayed again for 1,300 years. Muhammad's apprentice, Adolf Hitler, forced Jews to remove their kin from cyanide showers, only to place them in the roaring fires of his crematorium. Doctrines demented enough to compel such behavior cannot be tolerated. While the Pope may wish to kiss the Qur'an, I'd prefer to spit on it. But then again, the Pope was wrong about Hitler, too.

Ishaq:464/Tabari VIII:36 "Suddenly an unseen voice called out her name. It said, 'Where is so and so.' She said, 'Here I am.' 'Good heavens,' I cried, 'what is wrong.' She said, 'I am going to be killed because of something I did.' She was taken away and beheaded. Aisha used to say, 'I shall never forget my wonder at her good spirits, even when she knew she would be killed.'" The witness of Jews continues to be remarkable.

Tabari VIII:37 "Thabit said, 'O Allah's Messenger, Zabir, who was Abu Ar-Rahman, did me a favor, sparing my life, and I owe him a debt of gratitude. I wish to repay him for it. Grant me his life.' The Prophet said, 'It is yours.'" The source of this Hadith wants to make sure Muslims didn't equate this act of "mercy" with the "prophet" being soft on Jews. That is why he said that this man's real name was "Slave-to-Muhammad's-First-God-Ar-Rahman." Ishaq:465 "So Thabit went to him and Zabir said, 'Why do this? I'll be an old man without family and children.' Thabit asked Muhammad for his family and he said, 'His wife and children are yours.' But Zabir said, 'Without my property, how will we survive?' So Thabit asked the Prophet for Zabir's wealth and it was given to him. Thabit went to Zabir and announced that he had been given all of his property. Zabir said, 'Thabit, you are two-faced. What has happened to Asad?' 'He has been beheaded.' 'How about Huyayy?' 'He has been killed.' 'And how fares Azzal?' 'He has been slain.' 'How about the rest of the Qurayza men?' Thabit said, 'They have all gone to their death.' Zabir said, 'Then for the sake of the favor I once did for you, there is no good in living anymore.' So Thabit brought him forward, and they struck off his head. When what he said was reported to Abu Bakr, he replied, 'He will soon meet his dear ones in the fires of Hell, and there they will dwell forever.'"

In the most tortured words ever uttered in the name of religion: Tabari VIII:38 "The Messenger of Allah commanded that all of the Jewish men and boys who had reached puberty should be beheaded. Then the Prophet divided the wealth, wives, and children of the Banu Qurayza Jews among the Muslims." Ishaq:465 "When their wrists were bound with cords, the Apostle was a sea of generosity to us." It's hard to imagine evil this dark.

Further confirming that he was a terrorist and pirate, not a messenger or prophet, Muhammad's first biographer said: Ishaq:465 "Then the Apostle divided the property, wives, and children of the Qurayza among the Muslims. Allah's Messenger took his fifth of the booty. He made known on that day the extra shares for horses and their riders - giving the horse two shares and the rider one. A Muslim without a horse got one share of the spoil. It was the first booty in which lots were cast." Why lots, you may be wondering? Casting lots is a gambling game, one expressly forbidden by Islam. The reason is two-fold. First, the religion of Islam was a joke to these fellows. They simply used it as a tool to justify their disgusting behavior. The first Muslims were less religious than Hitler's S.S. Second, the mercenaries needed a picking order in which to draft Jewish homes, property, businesses, women, and children. Muhammad didn't want them squabbling. Some sex slaves were prettier than others.

In the name of full disclosure, here is the report of Islam's first historian: Tabari VIII:38 "On that day Muhammad made known the shares of the horsemen and shares of the foot soldiers, and he deducted from these shares his fifth. A horseman received three shares: two shares for the horse and one for its rider. A foot soldier received one share. The cavalry at the battle with the Qurayza numbered thirty-six horses. It was the first booty in which shares were allotted to them. According to this example (Sunnah), the procedure of the Messenger of Allah in the divisions of booty became a precedent which was followed in subsequent raids." Every Islamic apologist could cry out for a thousand years and not undo the damage done by Muhammad and his militants. We put ourselves, our men, women, and children, into harm's way when we allow Islam to masquerade as a legitimate religion. Fundamental Islam is no different than fundamental Nazism. These crimes must not go unpunished.

As further evidence that militant Islam is fundamental Islam, and that the Islam of Muhammad was built upon the slave trade, we find: Tabari VIII:39 "Then the Messenger of Allah sent Sa'd bin Zayd with some of the Qurayza captives to Najd, and in exchange for them he purchased horses and arms." Nothing could be more clear. Hitler financed his war machine on booty he stole from the Jews. In slave labor camps he forced Jews to work without pay building planes, tanks, and bombs. Muhammad set the precedent, funding his war effort on the flesh and property of Jews. These men and their methods were identical. And one day, in the not too distant future, this misguided doctrine will be unleashed on a world comprising six billion souls. Replete with nuclear and biological weapons, a billion people will perish.


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Re: Mohammed and his fellow murdering, rapist, thieves
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The reason Allah approved rape, involuntary sex with prisoners, in the 33rd surah was because Muhammad was about to indulge. Tabari VIII:38 "The Prophet selected for himself from among the Jewish women of the Qurayza, Rayhanah bt. Amr. She became his concubine. When he predeceased her, she was still in his possession. When the Messenger of Allah took her as a captive, she showed herself averse to Islam and insisted on Judaism." Imagine the horror of being the sex slave of the man who had murdered your father and your brothers. Imagine being forced to have sex with a man who had given your mother up to be raped and had sold your sisters into slavery to buy swords so that he could torment others. It's chilling - perversity on an unimaginable scale. Muhammad may well have been the most vile human to have ever lived.

The first to chronicle the prophet's revolting life explains: Ishaq:466 "The Apostle chose one of the Jewish women for himself. Her name was Rayhana. She remained with him until she died, in his power. The Apostle proposed to marry her and put the veil on her but she said, 'Leave me under your power, for that will be easier.' She showed a repugnance towards Islam when she was captured." Muhammad raped Rayhana after killing, enslaving, and plundering her family. If you want to understand the doctrine of submission, put yourself in her sandals and gaze deeply into the eyes of the man who is abusing you.

Ishaq:466 "Allah sent down [a Qur'an surah] concerning the Trench and Qurayza raid. The account is found in the Confederates or Allied Troops. In it He mentions their trial and His kindness to the Muslims. 'Remember We sent a wind against the armies and they could not see. Allah sent this wind with his angels. Allah said, When they came at you from above and below, and when eyes grew wild and hearts reached your throats, you harbored doubts about Allah. Those in whose hearts is a disease said, 'What Allah and His Messenger has promised us is nothing but delusion.'"

Before I comment, let's read on: Ishaq:467 "Allah addressed the believers and said, 'In Allah's Apostle you have a fine example for anyone who hopes to be in the place where Allah is." Ishaq:468 "Then Allah said, 'Some of you have fulfilled your vow to Me by dying; you have finished your work and returned to Me like those who sought martyrdom in prior battles. And some of you are still waiting to capitalize on Allah's promise of martyrdom. You do not hesitate in your religion and never doubt.'" Ishaq:468 "Allah brought down the People of the Scripture Book. I forced the Qurayza from their homes and cast terror into their hearts. Some you slew, and some you took captive. You killed their men and enslaved their women and children. And I caused you to inherit their land, their dwellings, and their property. Allah can do all things.'"

While I recognize that we have reviewed Allah's endorsement of genocide in the 33rd surah, Ishaq's review of the Qur'an ties the Islamic god irrevocably to the event. And there is no question that Ishaq's interpretation of the surah - as the earliest and best researched - is the most credible in Islam. Moreover, when Allah told Muslims to follow Muhammad's example he was specifically encouraging terrorism, mass murder, piracy, the slave trade, and rape.

The Qur'an said that its dark spirit deployed killer angels. The first Muslims harbored doubts about Allah. They believed that Muhammad's message was delusional. Good Muslims vowed to die as martyrs killing infidels. They were mercenaries, as they expected a reward. Allah was presented as an anti-Semite and a terrorist. Islam's "god" approved genocide and the enslavement of women and children. He even confessed to being a pirate, claiming to have caused Muslims to inherit stolen land, possessions, and homes.

There is no other way to interpret these confessions or to explain them away. The dark spirit, demented prophet, and delusional doctrine that seduced men into perpetrating these heinous acts must be exposed, repudiated, and then banished from the earth. Or tomorrow, men following Muhammad's example will terrorize you, forcing you into submission. They will rape, rob, enslave, and kill your family. And while the Islamic terrorists will earn their just reward for following Muhammad's example - "going to the place where Allah is" - the pain they will inflict cannot be undone.

The first Muslims were proud of themselves. Ishaq:468 "Gabriel came to the Apostle when Sa'd was taken. He visited him in the middle of the night wearing an embroidered turban and said, 'O Muhammad, who is this dead man for whom the doors of heaven have been opened and at whom the throne shook?'" Since Gabriel is "credited" with revealing the Qur'an to Muhammad, it's odd that he would need to ask the "messenger" about something that happened in heaven. And Sa'd was a thug, a man who loved to kill. He was a racist and a thief. If these behaviors rock Allah's throne, the Islamic god is a rather nasty fellow.

Ishaq:468 "Sa'd was a fat man but those who carried his funeral bier said that they had never carried a lighter one. Muhammad said, 'He had angelic pallbearers because the angels rejoiced when Sa'd's spirit shook Allah's throne.'" Ishaq:469 "An Ansar recited this poem: 'The throne of Allah shook for only one man: Sa'd the brave and bold, a glorious leader, a knight ever ready. Stepping into the battle, he cut heads to pieces.'" Saint Sa'd, a genuine Muslim hero. Ishaq:469 "The Apostle said, 'Every wailing woman lies except those who wept for Sa'd.'" Tabari VIII:40 "Aisha, the Mother of the Faithful, was asked, 'How did the Messenger of God behave.' She replied, 'His eye did not weep for anyone.'" Der prophet and der fuhrer were cut from the same cloth.

Ishaq:469 "On the day the Qurayza were slain, one Muslim was martyred. A stone was thrown on him and it inflicted a shattering wound. The Apostle said, 'He will have the reward of two martyrs.'" In Islam you get bonus points for killing, robbing, and enslaving Jews.

These poetic lines were recited during the Islamic Holocaust: Ishaq:470 "We attacked them fully armed, sharp swords in hand, cutting through heads and skulls." This could serve as Islam's byline: Ishaq:471 "We were steadfast trusting in Him. We have a Prophet by whom we will conquer all men." All means all, that's all "all" means. So this could serve as Islam's byline: "We have a Prophet by whom we will conquer all men."

Ishaq:472 "Muhammad's Companions are the best in war." Ishaq:473 "Muhammad and his Companions humiliated every doubter." Ishaq:475 "Allah commanded that horses should be kept for His enemy in the fight so they might vex them. We obeyed our Prophet's orders when he called us to war. When he called for violent efforts we made them. The Prophet's command is obeyed for he is truly believed. He will give us victory, glory, and a life of ease. Those who call Muhammad a liar disbelieve and go astray. They attacked our religion and would not submit." The last was a full service sonnet. It contained an incentive to amass weapons and incentive to use them, a command to annoy the enemy and a command to fight them. It encouraged and acknowledged violence. It even admitted that violence was perpetrated for money - to gain a life of ease.

Ishaq:479 "Slain in Allah's religion, Sa'd inherits Paradise with the martyrs. His was a noble testimony. When he pronounced his verdict on the Qurayza, he did not judge on his own volition. His judgment and Allah's were one. Sa'd is among those who sold his life for the Garden of Bliss." Considering the verdict called for genocide, larceny, and enslavement, Allah's complicity in these crimes is bothersome.

This, too, is hideous: Ishaq:481 "The Apostle slew them in their own town. With our troops he surrounded their homes. We shouted out cries in the heat of battle. The Jews were given the Scripture and wasted it. Being blind, [the illiterate man said] they strayed from the Torah. You Jews disbelieved the Qur'an and yet you have tasted the confirmation of what it said. May Allah make our raid on them immortal.

May fire burn in their quarter. They will no longer ruin our lands. You [Jews] have no place here, so be off!"

I saved the worst for last... Ishaq:480 "The Qurayza met their misfortune [now there's an understated word]. In humiliation they found no helper. A calamity worse than that which fell upon the Nadir befell them. On that day Allah's Apostle came to them like a brilliant moon. We left them with blood upon them like a pool. They lay prostrate with the vultures circling round."

I am going to dedicate the remainder of this chapter to the similarities between Mein Kampf and the Qur'an because I do not want the world to endure a third Holocaust. The veil of religiosity must be removed from Islam so that we might defend ourselves from its racial hatred and intolerance - its command to wipe infidels out to the last. I know of no better way to accomplish this goal than to expose the similarities between Muhammad and Hitler, Islam and Nazism, the Islamic scriptures and Mein Kampf.

Please read the whole chapter regarding these murdering, rapist, thieves:


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Re: Mohammed and his fellow conquerers
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The events depicted in the first few posts here are too horrifying to contemplate. When some decent Muslims are confronted with these unfathomable truths they try to suggest that the hadith is inauthentic. But when Muslim fundamentalists - that get Islam - are asked about the beheading of those innocent peaceful Jewish boys and men farmers, over those trenches, they will confirm that it is one of the most widely recognized and proudest moments in Islamic history. Indeed the blood was so deep in those trenches that the Muslims were said to have dipped and soaked their turbans in it.