Author Topic: Returning Jihadis Given ‘Protected Identities’  (Read 178 times)


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Returning Jihadis Given ‘Protected Identities’
« on: June 29, 2017, 07:02:11 AM »
"Many jihadi fighters returning to Sweden have been given “protected identities” by the government to help them re-integrate into society.

This is despite the fact that those returning have gone on to commit terrorist attacks (in Paris in 2015 and Brussells in 2016) and that most of the European jihadis who join ISIS have criminal backgrounds.

Some return because they have simply had enough; other are defectors. Most have committed atrocities while fighting for the world’s most preeminent terrorist organization.

A number have been jailed for the crimes they committed while abroad, including Sultan Al-Amin, 31, and Hassan Al-Mandlawi, 33, who fought in Aleppo.

It is estimated that at least 150 fighters have returned to Sweden, with another 112 still there. The remaining fighters, who are considered the most radical, are expected to return.

Because of their previous visibility – due not in small part to their own postings on social media – the returnees maintain a low profile."