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[-] Exposing the error or deception of encyclopedias, textbooks and other "authorative" sources, that intertwine Islamic "tradition", with historical record

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[-] Muslim on Muslim Murder, Mayhem, and Misery

[-] Christians, Jews & Others Persecuted & Martyred by Muslims & Others

[-] Zionism, Christian Zionism & anti-Zionism

[-] Historicism as held by Jews & Christians for OT & NT prophecy & THE false prophet Muhammad in prophecy

[-] U.S. Foundations, Global Politics & Political Correctness Driven Dhimmitude

[-] Islamic Conquest of the U.S. and rest of the Non-Islamic World through Victim Surrender via Political Correctness

[-] "Arab Spring" - Prelude to "nuclear winter"?

[-] Authority in the "Church"

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[-] Apostasy in the church - as prophesied "...except there come a falling away first..."

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[-] Historicism approach to the NT as held by Cults

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[-] Worldwide Church of God / Grace Communion International

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