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Islam on Old Testament Corruption - and the Truth
« on: February 04, 2011, 04:06:58 PM »
From Prophet of Doom - opening of chapter 14

Let's move more deeply into the second year of the Islamic Era to see how Muhammad perpetrated his fraud. Tabari VII:24 "Allah changed the Muslim Qiblah from Jerusalem to the Ka'aba in the second year of residence in Medina. The people used to pray toward Jerusalem. He used to raise his head to see what he would be commanded. This was abrogated in favor of the Ka'aba," the true source of his inspiration.

When the prophet arrived in Yathrib he demeaned the Ka'aba, as this conversation with his new - real new - wife suggests: Bukhari:V4B55N587 "The Apostle said to Aisha: 'Don't you see that your folk did not build the Ka'aba on the foundations built by Abraham.' I said, 'O Apostle! Why don't we rebuild it on them?' He said, 'But for the fact your folk have recently given up infidelity.' Umar agreed. 'Aisha must have heard this from Allah’s Apostle for he never touched the two corners facing Al-Hijr because the House had not been built on the right foundations.'" Confession is good for the soul.

But this disdain could not last. Jerusalem was claimed by the God of the Jews and was in their land. For Muhammad to be important, for him to succeed in his quest, he needed something close at hand. Perhaps the Ka'aba could be buffed up a bit - legitimized by a little plagiarized and situational scripture. Bukhari:V6B60N17/21 "While some people were offering prayer a man came and said, 'Qur'anic Literature has been revealed to Allah’s Apostle tonight. He is ordered to face the Ka'aba at Mecca, so you should turn your faces towards it.' At that moment they were facing Jerusalem so they turned to the Ka'aba."

Allah was always so accommodating. Bukhari:V6B60N13 "The Prophet prayed facing Jerusalem but he wished that his Qiblah would be the Ka'aba at Mecca so Allah Revealed a Qur'an. A man who had prayed with him went out and said, 'I swear I have prayed with the Prophet facing Mecca.' Hearing that, they turned their faces to the Ka'aba while they were still bowing. Some men had died before the Qiblah was changed and we did not know what to say about them (whether their prayers toward Jerusalem were accepted or not)." If the Islamic god was everywhere, all-powerful, ever-listening, always-watching, why would he care which direction a devotee turned in prayer? Why all the fuss? To quote a Meccan: "There must be some motive behind this."

Personally, I think it was to dump on the Jews: Bukhari:V1B4N147 "People say, 'Whenever you sit for answering the call of nature, you should not face the Qiblah of Jerusalem.' I told them. 'Once I went up the roof of our house and I saw Allah’s Apostle answering the call of nature while sitting on two bricks facing Jerusalem."

Since this is supposed to be a religion, let's review the first surah revealed in Medina to find a more inspired reason. The 2nd surah, the Qur'an's longest, is really its first surah, as the 1st is "The Prologue," a sixty-word invocation. Its speaker isn't Allah. The 2nd surah, which was the ninetieth received, is called "The Cow" in reference to the golden calf cast by the Israelites during their Exodus nearly 2,000 years before Islam was invented. Muslim scholars acknowledge that the surah was handed down in pieces over the course of a decade.

Maududi, our Qur'anic scholar says: "'The Cow' has been so named from the story of the golden calf associated with Moses. It has not, however, been used as a title to indicate the subject of the surah. It will, therefore, be as wrong to translate the name Al-Baqarah into 'The Co.' as to translate any English name, say Baker, Rice, or Wolf into their equivalents in other languages or vice versa, because this would imply that the surah dealt with the subject of "The Cow.'" This argument is as irrational as it is telling. It goes to the very heart of Muhammad’s deception. Names and words are different things. We can and should translate the word for the profession of baker but never the name of a person named Baker. Baqarah is the Arabic word for cow. It is not the name of a cow. Similarly, "il" and "ilah" are Arabic words for god, not the names of gods. Words for things must always be translated, while the personal names of deities and people should never be. Ar-Rahman, Allah, and Yahweh are the personal names of very different gods. Anyone who replaces the name "Allah" with the word "God" is guilty of deceiving their audience and of contradicting the Qur'an.

Maududi goes on to explain: "The greater part of Al-Baqarah was revealed during the first two years of the Prophet's life at Medina. Some of it was revealed at a later period and has been included in this surah because its contents are closely related to those dealt with in this surah. For instance, the verses prohibiting interest were revealed during the last period of the Prophet's life. For the same reason, the last verses of this surah which were revealed in Mecca before the migration of the Prophet." This argument is inconsistent with the Qur'an as a whole. If it were god's plan to have like subjects grouped together, the never-ending argument and related depictions of hellish torments wouldn't be randomly strewn throughout the book. All things related to Moses would be brought together, not disseminated in two-dozen surahs. Further, the last verses are unrelated to the business discussion preceding them. They are therefore out of context and chronology.

A perfect book cannot by definition be disordered. Yet there is a larger problem. This surah contains the verse on abrogation which says: "Whenever We cancel a message or throw it into oblivion, We replace it with a better one." Without dismembering the entire Qur'an so that every line follows the revelation that immediately preceded it, the "cancel and replace" concept is futile. How is anyone to know which verses Allah "threw into oblivion?" Without context and chronology, the "cancel and replace" verse renders the entire Qur'an irrelevant. If one line encourages slavery and another condones it, which is to be believed? If one verse says that infidels are to be taxed to death and others order them put to death, what are Muslims to do?

The answer is obvious, but apparently not to Muslims (or those in our statehouses, media, and pulpits) who coddle Islam. A "god" who changes his mind repeatedly over a score of years and needs a verse to deal with his contradictions cannot be "God." A religion devoted to a false spirit isn't worth protecting - especially when it motivates men to murder.

Maududi wasn't finished incriminating his religion. "At Mecca the Qur'an generally addressed the Quraysh who were ignorant of Islam. At Medina it was concerned with the Jews who were acquainted with the unity of Allah, Prophethood, Revelation, the Hereafter and angels. They also professed to believe in the law which was revealed by Allah to their Prophet Moses, and in principle, their way was the same Islam that was being taught by Prophet Muhammad." Like all things Islam, the truth has been inverted. The reason both Jews and Muslims believed in prophets, revelation, and angels was because Muhammad stole these concepts, words, and names from them.

Further, Jews believed in the oneness of Yahweh - not in some pathetic pagan rock idol named Allah. They knew that the dark spirit of the Qur'an was Lucifer. It’s obvious to anyone familiar with the Bible. Yahweh used his name 6,868 times in his scriptures. In addition, every seventieth Hebrew letter in the Torah's central book - Leviticus - forms YHWH, bringing the grand total to a perfect 7,000. Allah’s name was never mentioned. The closest Hebrew word means "oak tree." The Jews had a word for god, too. It was "el," and they used it when describing pagan idols like the Islamic deity.

As for "the Jewish way" being "the same Islam," that's donkey dung. Jewish prophets predicted the future and condemned immoral behavior. The Islamic prophet authorized immoral behavior and condemned the future. They are opposites.

Torah means "instructions" not "laws," but either way those guidelines were summarized in the Ten Commandments. Muhammad declared war on all of them, as did his god. They could not have been chiseled in stone by the rock idol who established a false doctrine promoting theft and murder.

I would like to give Maududi another chance, since this is the fulcrum surah of the Qur'an. More changed than just the Qiblah. He wrote, "The Jews had strayed away from Islam during the centuries of degeneration and had adopted many un-Islamic creeds, rites, and customs of which there was no mention and for which there was no sanction in the Torah. Not only this: they had tampered with the Torah by inserting their own explanations and interpretations into its text. They had distorted even that part of the Word of God which had remained intact in their Scriptures and taken out of it the real spirit of true religion and were now clinging to a lifeless frame of rituals." This is the very heart of the matter. It is the Qur'an's justification, its sole tenuous hope of authenticity. It is the reason for the change in Qiblah, and the impetus behind Islamic hatred and Muslim militancy.

If Islam were not so ruthless, so fixated upon submission for the benefit of cleric and king, this assertion would have killed it. The claim that the Torah was inspired by Allah and its characters were Muslims requires it to have been corrupted beyond recognition. The Septuagint and the Dead Sea Scrolls prove beyond any doubt that tampering did not occur. Since archeology has proven that the Jews did not distort the Torah, the Qur'an is a lie. Muhammad deceived men on behalf of a god no bigger than the rock he occupied.

However, it was not all as simple as that. The dark spirit that inspired Muhammad to make these preposterous claims was in a predicament himself. He (like his prophet) was covetous, so Lucifer wanted what belonged to Yahweh: the Jews and their Torah. It is no coincidence that a race representing a tiny fraction of one percent of the world's population became the victim of Islam’s wrath. It should be no surprise that modern history's most famous occultist, Adolf Hitler, also wrapped himself in Bible symbols and picked the same enemy. They were both possessed by the same spirit. I dedicated the "Bad Boys" chapter in Tea With Terrorists to exposing the similarities between these men and their doctrines. I encourage you to read it if you haven't already.

Considering that Muhammad indulged in pedophilia, led a dozen terrorist raids, inspired thievery, kidnapping, and murder, and said that his "spirit" approved such things, Maududi's comments are astonishing: "Consequently their [Jewish] beliefs, their morals and their conduct had gone to the lowest depths of degeneration. The pity is that they were not only satisfied with their condition but loved to cling to it. Besides this, they had no inclination to accept any kind of reform. So they became bitter enemies of those who came to teach them the Right Way and did their worst to defeat every effort. Though they were originally Muslims, they had swerved from real Islam and made alterations in it and had fallen victims to hair splitting. They had forgotten and forsaken Allah so much so that they had even given up their original name 'Muslim' and adopted the name 'Jew' instead. They made religion the sole monopoly of the Jews." Islam is apparently contagious. Maududi has become delusional.

It’s pathetic that Islamic clerics have to lie to make their prophet, scripture, god, and religion appear believable. These ideas are preposterous, wholly incongruous with history and reason. And while countless clerics have mumbled foolish things on behalf of their meal ticket, this is not Maududi's interpretation. This gross deception is proclaimed throughout the Qur'an.

I recognize that we have been over this material before, but it's essential that you appreciate the impossibility of Islam’s position. For Yahweh to have been Allah, for Jerusalem to have been Mecca, for the Temple to have been the Ka'aba, for Judaism to have been Islam, for Jews to have been Muslims most every word on most every page of the Bible would have had to have been corrupted, as would world history. While there is no intersection of history and Islam prior to Muhammad’s death, Judeo-Christianity lived in the crossroads of nations. Imagine millions of people not knowing who they were, where they were, what they were doing, or why. Imagine dismembering thousands of Torahs, Books of the Prophets, and Psalms in a massive conspiratorial fashion so that they would all be the exactly the same - so that they would all deny their name, their purpose, their city, their temple, their God. Not only would thousands of (at the time nonexistent) Islamic symbols, names, and places have had to have been edited out, the Jewish symbols, names and places would have had to have been surreptitiously and universally substituted. And for what - to foil a demon-possessed, dictatorial tyrant who wouldn't be born for 2,000 years? But alas, it is no greater leap of faith to believe the impossible corruption occurred than to believe that Islam is divine.

The reason I encouraged you to read about Biblical archeology was so that you might have an appreciation for the magnitude of this deception. The 20th century brought an explosion of historically-based Biblical verifications. Virtually every place, person, custom, and event depicted in the Bible has been shown to have been grounded in history. And every single archeological artifact, from Noah to Abraham, from Moses to Yahshua, is evidenced scripturally and dated to a time preceding Mecca's existence. Since the historically-verified people, places, and dates correspond perfectly to the Biblical account, things cannot be as the Qur'an protests. Islam is a lie.

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