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Welcome - forum decorum - registration difficulties
« on: April 16, 2008, 10:02:31 AM »
Welcome and thanks for coming to the Islam-Christian forum. This entity does not solicit nor accept donations.

If you have difficulty registering for the forum please email us at: christian2muslims

We welcome all human beings who intend to engage in good forum citizenship. That is those who intend to engage in a responsive exchange. For example, when someone replies to the post of another forum member, we should hope that the member that was replied to would show enough courtesy toward the member that invested their time and effort in that reply, to respond to that reply. Thus our only rule is that members that initiate topics, or post in existing topics, be willing to engage in a dialog - in an exchange. When you begin, post a thread or comment, or even a couple, including just a point or two, then wait for a response, and then reply to responses. In other words don't just spam away while ignoring replies of other members to your posts.
Responding to a post does not constitute an opportunity to clutter your reply with a bunch of unrelated material.
If you copy and paste something or include links to a web site, not unreasonably, you will be expected to defend or at least discuss the content thereof.
It's best to include just one or two points at a time to reduce confusion.
Posters that copy and paste and then fail to respond to other members replies, demonstrate not only laziness, but a compromised ability to think for themselves.

If, after registering, you wish to introduce yourself please do so in the General Discussion section rather than here.

This forum is primarily devoted to helping those that have been deceived into believing they worship God, but according to scripture, history, archaeology and geography, have been conspicuously deceived by the false prophet Muhammad into professing the exact opposite of the whole subject of the Gospel.

In regard to those who put their efforts into DISbelief like atheists and agnostics you could begin by pondering just why it is that only about 4% of the U.S. (CIA WorldFactBook) join you in believing there is no God. We would encourage you to consider the odds of Old Testament prophecy being fulfilled, so many hundreds of years after it was delivered.
Even thousands of years after being prophesied and confirmed mathematically
As well as taking an objective look at textual criticism - some by former atheists

Posts that contain multiple topics or points, may be subject to having a single point selected out for discussion, with the remainder being set aside, where the poster will have the opportunity to break them down into individual sections for posting on appropriate threads, after discussing the selected topic or point. If the post sits unattended by the poster in the spam section, it will then be moved to storage. Posts in storage may be returned to the forum for discussion at any time in the future, that the initiator becomes responsive, or that administration chooses to reenter the subject for discussion.

Posts and new threads may be moved to threads where the subject is already under discussion.
To prevent this from being necessary please use the excellent forum search box in the upper right before posting.

Use of more than one user ID is not allowed. It is as a lie.

Posts by non-Jews quoting from the Talmud, or other Hebrew scripture that the Jews themselves do not consider inspired, will be deleted without discussion. Repeat offenses will result in a ban of the poster.

We apologize for the occasional on-off habit of our forum, but we have been the victims of several cyber terrorist attacks. That's the way Satan's minions work because they can't launch an offensive with truth. If you get a "not found" message please keep trying over the following day(s).

Please don't come here with the purpose of trying to sell or promote something unrelated. If you put links to commercial enterprise or other subjects unrelated to the content in this forum, your posts will be removed and your account will be deleted.
Same thing for folks who post in here that are looking to chat about something they are considering buying. From gardening tools to cheap tickets to the Hajj.

If you would like a one-on-one chat with Peter or any other forum member, without interruption by others, we would be glad to accommodate you in a dedicated thread like these:
Please don't be afraid, we don't bite!

Bumping of threads (posts intended solely to move the order of a thread to the top as in the post that follows this one) is to be done by administrators of this forum only.

[edit addition. To our Muslim friends don't be shy. As of the date of this edit (2-20-2010) the top 10 posters in this forum are
Peter         2446
Pete       274
resistingrexmundi       243
SalahDinThe2nD       44
jimi       23
OneMuslimUmmah       23
naliakbar       21
HeathenMuslimGuy       20
Summadat       19
psychlopes       17

Seven of the top ten volume posters are Muslims. You can click on their usernames in the forum and check their posts.
Pete and Peter are both me, because early on I registered Pete as a regular member, so I wouldn't accidentally erase something as "administration" Peter.
So 7 of the top 9 posters are Muslims, and just 2 of us are Christians. (end edit)]

While members are welcome to leave any time they want, we stopped allowing members to close their accounts, because it is a discourtesy to all that follow them since their posting history on their profile goes into dysfunction. However we generally try to avoid replying to threads initiated by members, that we believe have left for good, since they aren't present to further defend themselves.

It's important to keep in mind that it won't help folks overcome false prophets, or unsound doctrine, if we ridicule it. There are a lot of read-only participants in this forum, if the view counts on the threads are any indication, so we don't know who might be looking on to what we write to another individual member.

This becomes particularly difficult as regards Christian and Muslim dialogue, as each understands the other as being guilty of unspeakable blasphemy against their book, as the books and core beliefs are polar opposites.

It's easiest if we try and do all things in a spirit of love, while attempting to look through the eyes of those we are addressing, while putting ourselves in their shoes. If any of us had been born into a family that follows the cult of a false prophet, within or without the church, we would have started out being trained that way ourselves.

We apologize that this forum may remain somewhat quiet, because taking hard looks at the doctrine we may have chosen to hold, in the light of the truth of Scripture, can be a bit tough on the eyes. But are we really called to sit around the campfire singing koom bye yah, and follow in the traditions of men, while giving short shrift to God's Word?

Mar 7:13 Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye.

Though the forum has been around for a while now, we have not found it necessary to permanently ban any users, threads, or posts, except purveyor of pornography "bots" that, for a short while, were able to create identities and post their filth, before we increased the security. Hopefully we have resolved that problem.  Also Viagra peddlers and others coming with commercial interests.

Copy and pasted posts as a conspicuous spam campaign will be removed.
Copy and pasted articles by others are subject to copyright and should generally not be included without the author's permission.
Please be intelligent and creative enough to instead select partial quotes, to help in making points of your own.

To enjoy your experience here it is highly recommended that you begin with a single post, of a single topic, to avoid the appearance of spamming.

If your interest is purely in causing trouble, or making mischief, rather than engaging in discussion, you will be banned out of hand, just like the pornographers were. Though as stated earlier nobody has been thus far.

Any interjecting slang or profanity into bible verses, may result in immediate ban.

Any inappropriately huge enlarging of fonts etc. (over #20) is not necessary. If you don't feel you can make your point without doing this, it is likely you don't have a point.

For the Christian contingent in here hopefully we can remain in positive fellowship through this pursuit of the truth through Scripture. There is nothing more important since Jesus IS THE TRUTH.

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

We encourage our Jewish brethren, from whom the Lord may not yet have lifted the "spirit of slumber", to join us and participate at the following link, or anywhere else you are inclined.

We are unaffiliated with Fish House Ministries, but if you have benefited from the books "The False Prophet" or "Islam Reviewed", Ellis Skolfield gives away so much ministry material - including the books in this forum - that he is dependent on donations. Please click here for contact information or to order hard copies.


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Re: Welcome - forum decorum
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2010, 09:20:09 AM »
The email that will be sent to registrants reads....

Dear forum registrant,

Thanks for your interest in joining our Islam-Christian Forum community!
Sorry to have to put you through this but we have been attacked repeatedly by cyber-terrorists of Islam, as well as advertizing "bots" or robots, so we have been compelled to determine which registrants are actually human beings!
Please affirm the following six points by simply replying to this email with "I affirm the six points":

1. I affirm that I am a human being, and registered for the forum myself, and that it was not an internet robot that registered on my behalf.
2. I further affirm that I did not register with the intent of posting any advertising, nor will I post any advertising or anything else, that is not generally related to the content of the forum.
3. I affirm that I am not a hacker or cyber terrorist, and that I did not register with the intent of hacking into unauthorized areas of the forum or brotherpete or related websites, or with the intent of damaging the software, operation or function of the forum and websites, and affirm that I will not engage in these activities.
4. I affirm that I do not intend to hack into email information, or attempt to engage in any other personal information gathering, in the Islam-Christian Forum.
5. I affirm that I will engage in good forum citizenship as explained in the link to "forum decorum" that follows.
6. I affirm that I understand my user ID and posts will become a permanent part of the forum for the benefit of those browsing in the future.
Good citizenship described on that link includes:
"When you begin, post a thread or comment, or even a couple, trying to include just a point or two, then wait for a response, and then reply to responses. In other words don't just spam away, while ignoring replies of other members to your posts, or cluttering your reply with a bunch of unrelated material."
By affirming the five points you are affirming that if you decide to post you will be willing to treat your fellow forum members with the courtesy that they deserve, for having invested their time and effort in replying to you, to respond to their reply.

If you become a member it is not necessary to post, but it is necessary to respond to this email within 60 days, or your registration may be deleted as a presumed robot.

Thank you for your interest in our Islam-Christian Forum and may God bless you.



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Re: Welcome - forum decorum - registration difficulties
« Reply #3 on: August 04, 2015, 03:42:59 PM »
I wanted to make this lesson available for people on this forum. Very great lesson from a former Muslim Imam who is now a Christian at our church.