Apostasy in the church - as prophesied "...except there come a falling away first..."


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[1] "A Common Word Between Us and You" - Interfaith Pluralism in the "Falling Away"

[2] The Passage of Scripture For This Forum Category

[3] The Interfaith Scam - that is, the one-way street to Islam alone

[4] The "church" and the New Age

[5] Methodist Church feminizing God and worshipping the Queen of Heaven Heresy

[6] Catholic Catechism: Muslims are Saved too

[7] Muslims Pray to "Allah" in Washington National Cathedral - Episcopal apostates

[8] Velvet-Tongued Pseudo-Christian Deceives Muslims With Interfaith Pluralism

[9] United Church of Christ - First Congregational Church of Old Lime & Antisemitism


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