Exposing the error or deception of encyclopedias, textbooks and other "authorative" sources, that intertwine Islamic "tradition", with historical record


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[1] The Purpose of This Forum Section

[2] Gary Miller's "Islam for Christians" promotes THE false prophet Muhammad's Islam

[3] The Dissimulation/Taqiyyah of "Answering-Christianity.com" on "Baca" being Mecca

[4] A Letter to the Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica on Their Unscholarly Article

[5] Encyclopedia.com - another "authorative" resource that combines fact & fiction

[6] Encyclopedia.com - Yet another "authorative" poser passing fiction off as fact

[7] Encyclopedias and others that parrot created Islamic "tradition" as history

[8] "Islamic Awareness" website on "Ka'bah As A Place Of Worship In The History"

[9] Encyclopedia Britannica - "Facts Matter" - Or Do They?


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