Author Topic: The "church" and the New Age  (Read 304 times)


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The "church" and the New Age
« on: July 11, 2016, 11:37:24 AM »
This article does a lot of tying together of modern movements and mega-churches, from the angle of the "reforms" of Grace Community Church groveling for a new reputation:

"More than listening to the rhetoric about the new changes, it will benefit members and outsiders alike to understand how Neuro-Linguistic Programming20 has been used.

While Grace Communion International continues to whitewash their history, they have given only spurious apologies for the devastation they caused to thousands. [Read: Called to Be Free (Is it Truth or Only More Worldwide Church of God Propaganda?)] Since members are kept in a positive mood (common in religious cults) and being fed a steady stream of propaganda about the changes, they will never believe anything could ever have been that wrong with their "church." In their minds, they are still the "elect" that God is working with and it is still "God's church." They fluff off the misery and wrecked lives that the members and their relatives and friends suffered over the years, telling members to "take responsibility for your actions" and "that was the past; we have changed."

Those that have exited have said that they saw no real changes in the members and no changes of any worth in the organization as a whole. All they saw was cognitive dissonance and the same programmed minds. Others have told us that they have learned more about grace and their freedom in Christ in the few years they have been out than they ever did when listening to the confusing explanations by WCG leaders."