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The Watchtower Society does not recognise anything about Modern Israel and it does not even figure in any of their faulty Chronology, apart from the now discredited 2520 times of the Gentiles dating from 607 BCE to 1914 CE....that is when the first temple was supposed to have been destroyed by Babylon and the 70 years of captivity started from the year...however Ray Franz realised back in the late 70s that the WT had got it wrong becuse Nebuchadnezzar had not become King until 604.  Ray Franz was on the Governing Body then, but because he asked awkward questions they kicked him out and he became the most notorious Apostate they ever had deal with as his uncle was President of the Governing Gang back then.

I would say they are Replacement Theologists and that Israel has no baring on prophecy being fulfilled accordingto them.  However I read an amazing prophecy by Dr Gratten Guiness who lived about the same time as Russell who counted the times from 604 and came out at 1917 when General Allenby rode into Jerusalem without a fight.  I began to realise that Israel was important in Gods plan even before I exited from the JWs... 


Jehovah's Witness / Re: Jehovah Witness' Beliefs
« on: September 15, 2014, 05:28:15 AM »
Yes they are very cruel group who protect evil paedophiles and others who hide in their flocks.  They also call us 'Apostates' and brand us as 'Mentally Diseased', because we accepted Yeshua as our Saviour and teach that he is the ONLY Way the TRUTH and the life.

Look at and see how they have treated victims and how they are losing many court cases.

Confirming this, in Hebrews 1 verse 6, it tells us that ALL the Angels WORSHIPPED Jesus and that is in their original Green NWT, but in 1984 they 'revised' it as they realised this gave support to the fact that Jesus is not just an Angel and he deserves worship...which is something the JWs do not do...worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The current version carries the word Obeisance which sounds a bit different to WORSHIP, but the Greek word here and in every other place they deleted WORSHIP is Proskouneo which means WORSHIP, ADORATION, BOWING BEFORE and so on.

Blessings David

Jehovah's Witness / Re: A Visit by Jehovah's Witnesses
« on: September 15, 2014, 05:09:45 AM »
Hello Everyone and especially Peter who wrote this section.

I WAS A WATCHTOWER ADHERENT FOR 49 YEARS and served as an Elder for a number of years including Presiding Overseer.  I was a 2nd Generation JW and my Father was a Pioneering Missionary with my Mother for many years. 

My wife was born into it and was captive for 52 years until we were set free in June 2001 and came to the Lord Yeshua in November 2002 and were baptised in the name of the Father and the name of the Son and the name of the Holy Spirit in May 2003.

I then began theological studies with a Bible College and was eventually Ordained as a Pastor in 2008.

We were on the Ministry Team in our first Church in England and after 4 years the Lord showed us through Visions that we should move to Cyprus and that is we have lived since August 2007.  We now run a very small Church from our home in Larnaca.

So if anyone wants to understand JWs, then we can may ways they are like Muslims in looking to men and believing they are the only truth and cutting off those who leave them.

By the way modern JWs do not look to C T Russell and they certainly do not accept most of his teachings any more, especially as he was a Zionist and Rutherford who came after him did not like Jews, so changed the entire teachings about Israel.  Russell still has followers though and they are in various groups of so called 'Bible Students' Much of their early teaching was based on Freemasonry and used some of their symbols and names.

Blessings David

I am new to this forum and I find it amazing how a Muslim can come onto this site and expound the wonders of his 'captivity' and subjugation, which is Islam.

It is also rather odd how he has not replied recently, which seems to coincide with the terrible evil perpetrated by his Islamic Brothers....even killing other believers in the evil of that religion.

If left to themselves they would devour each other once they get rid of all the so called Infidels, then they will slaughter the other Arabic tribes....that is what their god demands...Death and more Death...this is proven by the terror inflicted by Muslims upon Muslims in Syria, Iraq and Libya and many other places.

This is a religion of Hatred and goes totally against the God of LOVE who gave his only Son so that we may live.  Allah is definitely not the same God as Yahweh as the Pope and other Heretics proclaim...he is an evil god along with his many demons who is out to divide, kill and destroy all that is good....having said this, we still pray for all the bound up religionists of any cult including the RC, JWs, Muslims, Mormons and all others who are bound up in false dogma

Blessings in Yeshua's Holy Name David   

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