Author Topic: One-Sided Whining About Giving Back Land That "Palestinians" Left  (Read 842 times)


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For the first time in world history, a country that gained land through defense of its citizens from imperialistic aggressors, has been compelled to, and continues to be compelled to give it back, through the one-sided antisemitic anti-Zionist whining about displaced so-called "Palestinians" that no Arab state will accept. Preferring to keep them in a continuous state of despair for political propaganda purposes.

Where is all the whining about Jews having been displaced from their property, businesses and citizenship, in Islamic lands in pogram after pogrom?

   "Between 1920 and 1970, 900,000 Jews were expelled from Arab and other Muslim countries. The 1940s were a turning point in this tragedy; of those expelled, 600,000 settled in the new state of Israel, and 300,000 in France and the United States. Today, they and their descendents form the majority of the French Jewish community and a large part of Israel’s population.
   In the countries that expelled Jews, a combination of six legal, economic, and political measures aimed at isolating Jews in society was instituted: denationalization; legal discrimination; isolation and sequestration; economic despoilment; socioeconomic discrimination; and pogroms or similar acts.
   It is the custom to say that Zionism was responsible for this development. However, the region’s anti-Semitism would have developed even without the rise of the state of Israel because of Arab-Islamic nationalism, which resulted in xenophobia.
   The fact that these events have been obscured has served in the campaign to delegitimize Israel, and therefore to a large extent, the same population that suffered this oppression. The fate of Palestinian refugees, their proclaimed innocence, and the injustice they endured form the main thrust of this delegitimization. The Jewish refugees have suffered more than the Palestinian refugees and undergone greater spoliations. However, they became citizens of the countries of refuge, especially Israel and France, while Palestinians were ostracized from the Arab nations.
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Let alone expulsion of Jews in most Gentile lands for 2500 years?
From their land in Europe, particularly at the hands of the Roman Church, in pogrom after pogrom throughout the Christian era?