Author Topic: "Fasting" in Islam During Ramadan  (Read 1690 times)


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"Fasting" in Islam During Ramadan
« on: April 19, 2010, 06:42:02 AM »
Fasting for Muslims can be characterized by skipping lunch for a month. However I have read in several places now that more money is spent on food by Muslims during the month that they "fast", than any other time of the year, because their big feasts before sunrise and after sunset are more celebratory. Quoting one Muslim:

"Unfortunately though, in the Muslim world we have developed this habit of eating more in Ramadan than outside of Ramadan. More money is spent on food and desserts in Ramadan than outside of it. To the extent that even non-muslims who are known to write on Muslims, they describe all these wonderful and tasty foods that are prepared by Muslim families in Ramadan. That is perhaps why that many of us don't truly benefit from Sawm." article