Author Topic: Israeli Muslims exclude Jews from Abraham's burial site in Hebron  (Read 3028 times)


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The only actual claim the religion of Islam has to any part of THE Holy Land springs from Muhammad's tall tale of having ridden there one night on a flying donkey-mule type creature, or "buraq".

Even though Mecca is located over 1400 kilometers from Hebron, Muslims actually pretend that it is a holy site for Islam. They even exclude Jews from the site, in the amazingly reprobate suggestion of calling them "foreigners in Hebron"! Can you imagine that? Talk about consummate evil from the father of lies!
From the article at this link:

"For 714 years, entering the Jewish forefathers' grave had been forbidden by law to all non-Muslims -and now it is once again.

In 1981, Dr. Seev Jevin, Director of the Israel Antiquities Authority, forced himself through a narrow opening in the underground grave chamber of the Machpela cave, where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were believed to be buried. He did this under strict observation by the Islamic Waqf. Behind bolted doors in Yitzhak Hall, the secret entrance in the southeast wall was opened. Jews had long suspected that the entrance to the real burial chamber must be here, and because of that they placed their prayer slips of paper in wall cracks on the exterior of the building at this same location.

The discovery that Dr. Jevin made in 1981 was concealed for political reasons....."

"The archaeological find proves that Machpela is a Jewish burial place and that hundreds of years prior to Mohammed it had been a holy place for the Jews. Now Palestinians maintain that "Jews are foreigners in Hebron." Also, when the Muslims succeeded in removing almost all Jewish traces from the halls above, only the actual grave chamber itself remained Jewish. The still walled-in passage in the tunnel pointed towards an underground labyrinth, perhaps a Herodian necropolis.

Muslims falsified Jewish holy places, converting them into "lifelong" Muslim holy places. From the Jewish temple mount in Jerusalem they made their third holy place al-Aqsa and are now converting Solomon's stables into a mosque. At the same time they are protesting Israel's Judaizing of Jerusalem."

All a sane and rational person has to do is look at a map to recognize how heavily involved the father of lies is, in the ridiculous Islamic claims of Muhammad's religion having anything whatsoever to do with Abraham or THE Holy Land of the prophets and patriarchs. Recently another Muslim helped us further prove how preposterous Islam's claims are. Whose own article pointed out that caravan camel transport didn't arise until 800 to 1000 years until after Ishmael walked the earth. So how did Ishmael get to Hebron in time to join Isaac at Abraham's burial?

Genesis 25:9 And his sons Isaac and Ishmael buried him in the cave of Machpelah, in the field of Ephron the son of Zohar the Hittite, which [is] before Mamre;

Islamic folklore pulls another flying donkey-mule out of its hat, in efforts to resolve the impossibility, even suggesting that Abraham committed back and forth between Mecca and Hebron daily!