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This category
« on: January 04, 2009, 09:24:10 AM »
Regarding posts in this section, when they are copied and pasted from YouTube, it throws in random question marks. I try to scrub them out but if you see a question mark that looks misplaced - it likely is.

Some Muslims unfamiliar with our forum are concerned they will be ganged up on. For this reason I offer one-on-one conversations, through dedicated threads, in this section. I would appreciate it if those designated as such, remain between the individual that was invited, and the invitee, for as long as they remain active. Though I am sure if asked, most would be happy to have other Muslims join in, and so would we.

You are also welcome to comment on, or inquire about, any point these conversations contain, by copy and pasting, and/or linking to the individual post, and starting your own thread about it in this section. A link for each individual post can be acquired by clicking on what appears to be 2 diagonal overlapping pieces of paper at the top of the post, to the left of the post title.

Muslims hide in the confusion of the 500 character bits allowed on a YouTube because confusion is the friend of Islam. Many prefer the dark alley of personal messaging, as those replies are also quickly relegated to history, and away from personal accountability. This is because they are well aware that exchanges of bits and pieces in channel comments preclude real answers. The rapid blizzard of exchange sometimes allows questions or points to be left unanswered. If you find any such point in any of these conversations, that you would like answered, please don't hesitate to post a thread on it in this section with a link to the individual post.

Though all are invited, few will come into a forum like this where we can discuss without character limitation, are able to quote each other, post live links for easy access, and generally hold each other accountable over time, with a posting history that is easily accessed.

My hat is off to those that do arrive, with an interest in seeking out truth, through a real exchange.

Some conversations may seem a bit heated as many have been going on for some time (even years), before they are moved into here.

I copy and paste some conversations in here in advance, without disclosing the identity of the individuals.
All are welcome to create a unique username upon registration, that will not be associated with their username elsewhere on the internet (like YouTube), if they prefer.

If you are registering with a username unassociated with your YouTube username, you can PM me with it at YouTube, but only if you want me to know who you are.

Please visit "Forum Decorum" before posting.

All comments and video responses are allowed, as long as you are prepared to defend each point you raise, and engage in an exchange.